Baby Mei Tai

I made my first Mei Tai.  I have to say that I love it.  There is such a difference between baby wearing and baby carrying.  My Mei Tai distributes my son’s weight evenly, making him feel lighter now than as a newborn in a baby carrier.  And who wouldn’t love the Treasure Island print from Kokka?  I found that this print was a little bit thicker weight than regular cotton.  I used it for the decorative side of the the Mei Tai.  Because, you know, my boy is a pirate.  And his carrier needed a certain ‘Yarr’ factor.

I used continuous strips of cotton duck for the straps, and for the body I used an old pair of pants made from strong cotton/canvas.  I lined the top of the carrier, on the inside, with some left over flannel.  It’s nice and soft on his head that way.  I bought upholstery thread and lined the shoulder portion of the straps with 3 layers of cotton quilting batting.  I reinforced the straps to the body, probably way more than I needed to.

It’s a breeze to put on and take off, and baby boy loves it!


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